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Please include me in your Testimonial Page as an extremely satisfied customer. I purchased our house through Jack Biegger Realty a few years back, and when I retired from the San Antonio, I picked them as the ones to sell it. Unfortunately, the market would not allow us to sell (except at a huge loss). So, we decided to rent the house out through Biegger Rental Management. Complete satisfaction and absolutely no regrets with their operation (Karen Biegger and Linda Luna). I only have regrets with John---I had to fly with him at Altus AFB OK, the "Schoolhouse", and he was a Captain and I was a full Colonel---so, I didn't expect much from him! But, I value his honesty, integrity, and friendship. Quite simply, I would buy, sell or rent a house with Jack Biegger Realty.

Tilford W. Harp

I've only worked with Ms Linda Luna and maybe one other person in her office.

Linda is always people friendly, courteous, and realistic in her thought process concerning my home. Every time I have spoken to her I leave the conversation thinking; "wow this lady is truly customer oriented." Continue to treat my property like it belongs to you.

Ray L. Carger

We (my husband is deceased now) have been with you for around twenty years. I am very pleased with your company and, know, that if I was not I would have changed companies. Thank you for your very efficient and dependable service over the years. I have relied on you for the upkeep and repairs to my rent house and you all have come thru remarkably well. I recommend your company highly to anyone who needs assistance with their real estate needs.

Betty Slaughter

It is easy for me to give my testimony and recommendation for Jack Biegger Realtors and Karen Biegger. My husband had just passed away and I wanted to move closer to family. The housing market was in its greatest slump and I just could not get the money that I needed out of a sale. Karen Biegger was my sales agent and she knew my dilemma and told me that they also were property managers for rentals. At first I was somewhat hesitant, but I was pretty desperate as I could not afford a rent payment at my new location as well as my mortgage payment. Karen explained how the process worked and how they thoroughly vetted prospective renters, got the property ready as far as rental requirements and even spread the upfront fees out over a couple of months. This was an answer to my prayers. I have since been with Jack Biegger Realtors since the beginning of my experience as a landlord and plan on staying with them until it becomes more lucrative for me to sell or I might just keep the house as a rental. Thanks to Karen Biegger and the property management team I have no worries that my house is being well taken care of.

Terry Myers

My wife and I have the utmost confidence in your management team. at times it is only natural for us to feel some apprehension about purchasing a home that so far away from us, but we feel that that we made the right investment with the right team. We understand that renters can be trite difficult at times but we trust your professionalism and efficiency in running your business. Thank you…

Juan and Maria Jauregui

Jack Biegger Realtors has really made owning rental property easy for me. They take great care of the properties and tenants and they really show a genuine concern for my interests. Tenant turnover is fairly painless and I like how they check with me before doing repairs etc.

They are much much better than the previous property management company I employed. I hope they stay in business for a long time.

Dana Keen

John: We just signed the lease today. Thanks so much for all your help, and hopefully the commission will at least partially compensate you for all the time you spent helping us. I'm sure it was more of a "labor of love" for you than a financial incentive. You were great, and we'll definitely recommend you in the future. Hal

Hal & Pam Bullock